Living off less than you earn is a modern day super power. Saving is the gap between your income and your ego. Living off less than you earn, compounded over years is one of the most underrated ways to build long-term wealth. We’re unpacking two ways to level up your savings game – it may just be easier than you think!

Sometimes we can be too concerned with the interest rate we get on our savings that we forget to cultivate this habit. Start with the basics first. Get to a place where you are saving consistently every month for at least 6 months.

Once you have this habit going and have adjusted your lifestyle, then look into the details, such as maximising your return through interest rates and savings vehicles. There is no use getting a great interest rate but aren’t in even the habit of saving consistently yet. 

Using a separate bank account or having a separate investment account can be just what you need to help you save more consistently. We are often faced with the temptation of transferring money out of our savings accounts. Make it difficult for yourself to NOT stick to your savings plan. Use separate accounts and make your savings less accessible.

Options for a separate savings account:

I can help you! I’ve got a FREE Clarity Call on offer for you to ask all your savings questions. It’s time to level up your savings.

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