Insurance, investments and debt – a conundrum for many young professionals with the overarching question, “where do I start?”

A challenge many professionals face, especially those who have recently started their careers, is figuring out where exactly to start. Those who are fortunate enough to find employment soon after completing their qualification, find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Pension funds, investments, payslips and tax become concepts to navigate without much preparation. 

Many realise the importance of starting their financial planning journey early but aren’t always sure about how to get started. Many know that they need to save, invest for retirement and have an emergency fund, but how on earth does one balance all that? Even more so when having student debt.

In an environment with a plethora of influences such as YouTube advisors/influencers, the strongly voiced opinions of family and colleagues, pushy salespeople, cryptocurrency and the finfluencers of Instagram, minimising the noise and getting started can be very challenging.
Not to mention, the emotional and psychological challenges can compound this sense of overwhelm. Our careers have just begun and we’re already in the thick of the rat race cycle. 

So what’s the good news here?

The financial planning journey will look different for everyone but the principles remain largely the same. These four components are all equally important, but the order in which you address and implement them is even more important. The first mistake many make is getting the order wrong and they jump straight to the top of the proverbial financial planning pyramid – ie. Investments.

The good news is that there is a roadmap for you to follow and I’d love to help you get on track.

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